Vacuum cooking – healthy and delicious

When it comes to cooking vacuum, one imagines expensive equipment and sophisticated ultra computer controlled by a scientist. "Scientists" chefs made a simplification of the process, only the part of the food should be under vacuum and not the whole environment. This method of cooking the simplified vacuum is known in the literature in English by Sous Vide (SV) which is the cooking in plastic vacuumed packages (that were sealed by vacuum) sealed at low temperatures for long times.

This method differs from conventional cooking on two key points:

1 - Raw food is sealed vacuum in suitable plastic bag

2 - The food is cooked using the controlled heating.

The vacuum packaging prevents loss of flavor from evaporation and moisture during cooking, and avoid introducing unwanted oxidation flavors, resulting in a more tasty and nutritious food. This type of packaging also reduces the growth of aerobic bacteria.

Initially you need one of these sealing food machinery, if you have not, you can ask the bakery to seal the food for you, they have the machine to seal cold. you can find these sealing machines for domestic use for about $ 300.00 to $ 600.00. Beware of plastic, heat should be resistant up to 100oC, and look well before buying the refill can cost absurd.

Restaurants often use an apparatus for cooking that is thermal, which is a casserole with a thermostat that controls temperature and a propeller or pump that circulate water. You can build your own equipment with a large pot, the larger the volume of water, easier to maintain constant temperature. To complete your vacuum kit, buy a thermometer resistant to water, so you can dip the tip, costs $ 40 in stores.

Professional Equipment

If you need to place like a dish or on the bottom of the pot to support the food that does not come into direct contact with the bottom of the pot that is the source of heat. When a temperature, lower the heat and place the food control the temperature, shaking the water from time to time, take good care of temperature, because the whole process is based on time / temperature.

Vacuum fish

Having the technical part under control, start preparing your plate. For this personal equipment cooking vacuum the most suitable are the preparations with fish or shrimp, which require less time for cooking. If the preparation require long cooking times do not use this model domestic cooking control kit. Remember that fish will be packed already with the spices, do not put liquid to leak into the domestic sealing machine, prefer to marinate the fish before sealing, but herbs can be placed, butter and salt. If you marinate the food, do not use wine or boil the wine before use because the alcohol contained in the wine may evaporate during cooking creating vapor layers on its packaging and resulting in a non-uniform baking food.