Ins and Outs of Vacuum Pack Sealer

Vacuum pack sealer is a device made to help you do a vacuum packing. Why vacuum pack? Because by vacuum packing, while you store your food in the storage for a longer time, the freshness will still be maintained. How does that method of sealing and just by doing that method could help you to store food while the freshness is still maintained? Is it some kind of preservation? This way of sealing is a method of sealing where the air inside the bag is removed. The removal of the air inside the plastic bag is made in order of letting the bacteria, parasite, and fungus or any other micro organism being unable to breath and by that, automatically the growth of the parasites, bacteria, fungus or other micro organism will be prevent or stopped too. And without the growth of them, the food will keep on the fresh state. Even though there is this way of preserving the food, does not mean the food such as meat, vegetable, dried food, liquid or any other state of food become mortal. They still are going to get rotten. But the time period to get them rotten is longer. By some website found over the internet said that this way of sealing and preserving would make the food have five times until six times longer live span until it goes rot.

There are kinds of vacuum pack sealing made by different vacuum pack sealing company and different type of them too. There is this heavy duty type of vacuum pack sealing and the commercial chamber type vacuum tool for common user. These two types is the type which has the most users in the world. Below, will be explained about the types which were mentioned above.

1.      Heavy duty type of vacuum tool

Heavy duty type is a vacuum tool which has the operation manually operated. Even though the manually operation system, the usage of this thing is still classified as easy since it does not need you to do this and that. This kind of vacuum pack sealing is a kind where the durability of the vacuum sealer itself is the priority of the company who made them. The durability of the vacuum tool might even go twice or thrice as much as the commercial chamber or the one they use in households. The Heavy duty type usually is used in big industries, business, and goes until small home industries. The heavy duty usually has a bigger size and weighted more than the commercial chamber one.


2.      Commercial Chamber type of vacuum pack sealer

This type of vacuum tool is built with priority of the feature such as better or tighter seal, marinate feature, canister mode and many more. These features are some kind of helping too. But the about the durability, of course there is a large gap between the commercial chamber type and the heavy duty type of vacuum pack sealing. But the main usage is still the same; it is to do vacuum sealing.


That is the difference between heavy duty type of vacuum tool and the commercial chamber type of vacuum tool. The heavy duty will help you in doing more work where the commercial will give you more feature.