Food Saver v3840

01/30/2015 18:07

Food saver V3840 is among the top vacuum sealers in the market today. It uses smart seal technology. Its space saving, upright and stainless steel design make it a top of the line system. Food saver V3840 is a hands free model. It is used for safely packing food items that are moist, dry or delicate.

Features: - These food savers have an inbuilt retractable accessory hose, roll holder, cutter and bag opener which make them easy to use. They have a system which helps in knowing liquid level because of which any spillage can be prevented. The marinate mode helps in fusing more flavor to all foods within minutes. These food savers are used not just for keeping food fresh in their airtight bags and canisters, but can be used to seal wines and other goods in their original packaging. This sealing system combines the benefits of space saving, vertically designed unit in order to provide convenience to its user in the process of sealing the freshness of a variety of food products. The entire operation is fully automatic. They have an automatic technology, which helps in sensing the food type and bag requirement thus providing the perfect seal since there is no requirement for any sort of guesswork. The vertical structure engages less space on the kitchen slab which helps in keeping the kitchen counter clutter free. Besides the above feature, a few more interesting features of this food saver are, it has 2 vacuum speeds as well as 2 sea levels, it has internal space for storage of rolls and also an inbuilt cutter and finally its drip tray which can be removed and cleaned very conveniently. This tray has been patented by food saver.

Customer opinions: - A lot of the customers are pretty satisfied with the product and are quite pleased with it. The use of bags, rolls and canisters is equally done. However, there is a big segment of customers who are not too impressed with this product. The food saver V3840, too, like other vacuum sealers has the disadvantage of wasting too much of the packaging material. It is not able to always sense the bags especially if it has put in the sleep mode. However, if the sealer woken up before use, it is then able sense the bags correctly. Most customer have problem with the placement of bags. They feel that better placement can be done manually than what is done by the sealer. The food saver scores on appearance and value for money, but loses out on ease of use. There is no doubt about the fact that the food preserved using this product stay completely fresh for a long time. but sometimes the wastages and difficulty in usage can overpower this quality of the sealer. Customers would also prefer if the speed of vacuum was a little faster. There have also been complaints about the product losing its functionality within a very short period of time.


The reviews about this product are mixed. There are many features which are liked by everyone for example, its space saving design, bag holder at the top, retraceable hose etc. But the biggest flaw is in the amount of packaging material it wastes. If this can be somehow improved, this product will become the best.